Class 4 Instructor Rating



A Class 4 Instructor Rating allows you to teach someone how to fly.


Earning a Class IV Flight Instructor Rating (aeroplane) is one of the gateways to a career in aviation. The Rating certifies the holder of a Commercial Pilot Licence or ATPL to conduct flight training under the supervision of a Class I or II Flight Instructor working within a Flight Training Unit leading to the issuance of the RPP, PPL, and CPL licences and the Night and VFR-OTT Ratings.

Who makes a successful Class IV Instructor candidate? Someone who:

  • Finds enjoyment in the process of learning and teaching;
  • Enjoys working with people from a variety of backgrounds and is committed to helping people succeed;
  • Has a deep interest in exploring and increasing knowledge and skills in aviation; and
  • Enjoys flying in all its aspects both practical and theoretical.

Transport Canada Minimum Requirements

Based on training at $165/hr solo, $225/hr dual with Class 1 instructor:

  • Commercial Pilot License or Airline Transport Pilot License, with a valid Class 1 Medical
  • 25 hours of Instructor Rating Ground School + 15 hours briefing with instructor @ $2,400.00
  • 70% on the AIRAF written examination
  • 30 hours of dual flight instruction with the holder of a Class 1 Instructor Rating @ $6,750.00
  • Complete a flight test to the standard described in the Flight Test Guide – Flight Instructor Rating @ $200.00

Total Estimated Cost (on C172)*:  $9,350.00

* Price quoted is based on Transport Canada minimum requirements. Most students will require more than minimum required hours to complete their flight training.  Therefore, estimated costs will vary accordingly and students should allow for approximately 25% additional funding for the completion of their training.  All prices are in CAD and are subject to change without prior notice.  All prices shown are local students rates.