Fly with the peace of mind of two engines!  Pave the way for a career in commercial aviation!

Flying over the mountains with few alternate options, crossing the water with no sight of land on both sides, cruising at night with nothing but pitch black ground below you….  Eliminate the anxiety when flying in these situations with the added safety of an extra engine! A multi engine rating opens up vast possibilities for you. With the reliability of two engines and the added performance, there will be significantly more options in where and when you can fly.

The multi engine rating is also the gateway to a lot of opportunities in commercial aviation.  It is a requirement for most commuter and airline companies. So if you goal is to be a commercial pilot someday, the multi engine rating will be your next goal!

Training will be conducted on our state-of-the-art DA42 twin engine aircraft equipped with G1000 avionics suite, GFC700 auto-pilot, FADEC controlled diesel engines. The Redbird FMX full motion simulator complements the training by providing a care free environment for the new students to familiarize with the aircraft systems and operating procedures.

A Private Pilot License or a Commercial Pilot License

Transport Canada Requirements:

Flight test carried out by TC approved examiner

No minimum flight time is required by Transport Canada.  The candidate has to be trained up to standard before being recommended for flight test.