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My dad used to be an aircraft maintenance engineer and I had been around airplanes a lot as a small child. As I weighed all my different options, it dawned on me that I love airplanes. Every time I hear one flying overhead I can’t help but to look up and watch it for a few seconds. I am always curious where it came from and where it’s going. I had no idea where to begin. I looked around and found a few flight schools in Vancouver but had no idea what my next step was. I talked with my dad about it and he was really excited that I had an interest in aviation.
By the next weekend he had scheduled a familiarization flight with Pacific Rim Aviation Academy. I had never been in a small aircraft before and I knew this would certainly not be the last time. This was in 2010, I have since completed my Private Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot Licence, and my Class 4 Flight Instructor Rating at Pacific Rim Aviation Academy. From day one they have taken good care of my flight training and have helped me become the pilot I want to be. In my opinion this is the best flight training school in Vancouver. I am extremely happy to have been given the opportunity to join this dedicated team of amazing people and help uphold the Pacific Rim Aviation Academy legacy of top quality flight training.
— Stefan
The Right Decision

After I finished my hard earned group 1 instrument rating, I decided that I wanted to become a flight instructor. The decision was made for a variety of reasons but mostly because I felt great deal of satisfaction when I was helping other students at my flight school. I went back to my old instructors and asked for their opinion in choosing a flight school to do my instructor rating with. Majority of them unilaterally agreed that choosing a great class 1 instructor is far more important than finding a flight school with employment prospects after completion.
After much deliberation, I chose to do my instructor rating with Masa at Pacific Rim Aviation Academy. Amongst other reasons, his dedication and professionalism appealed to me the most. During the training process, he gave me all the right advice and support. When things got tough, he gave me plenty of positive reinforcement and encouragement. But when I didn’t perform to certain expectations or if I needed to improve, he told me the things I needed to hear to set me straight. It wasn’t just Masa who made my training enjoyable. Everyone at the flight school was willing to help me. From class 4 instructors to the manager, I received support and encouragement from everyone involved at Pacific Rim Aviation Academy.
The rating itself was hard work, some of the toughest challenges I faced so far in my training process, but it was an enjoyable and productive process. After the completion of the rating, I was lucky enough to secure a position with Pacific Rim Aviation Academy and I am looking forward to starting a new chapter in my career with a great group of dedicated professionals. I definitely made the right decision to obtain my instructor rating with Pacific Rim Aviation Academy.
— John