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Do you dream of flying?  For many, the miracle of flight inspires wonder and awe; and learning to fly is a challenge many aspire to accomplish. It is not only a fun, rewarding adventure but can lead to interesting career and travel opportunities, such as becoming a commercial pilot for a major airline or flying your own jet plane.

At Pacific Rim Aviation Academy, we share your passion and dream of flight. Our mission is to train a new generation of pilots with new generation aircraft so they can serve the aviation industry with the highest level of airmanship and safety standards.

The sky has no limits. Your starting point is here.  Let us help your flying dreams come true!


Flight Training

Whether you want to fly in leisure with a Private Pilot License, or you want to pursue a career in aviation through a Commercial Pilot License, we have the most knowledgeable instructors and reliable programs that put these dreams and goals within reach.    Read more...

International Students

We welcome foreign pilots and students at Pacific Rim Aviation Academy.  Our school is located at the Pitt Meadows Regional Airport, British Columbia.  We work together with Global-Canadian Immigration Consultant Ltd., an immigration company that may assist you in obtain the required Canadian Study Permit.  Read more...

Visit Us at CYPK

Based at Pitt Meadows Airport (CYPK) near Vancouver, we are just 54 minutes from Vancouver International Airport and within easy access to Burnaby, Vancouver, Surrey and other municipalities in the Lower Mainland.  Come visit our fleet and facilities at CYPK today! Read more...


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Today's Aviation History

 (overnight) In support of Allied operations in North Africa, Royal Air Force Bomber Command mounts the first of 14 night attacks against targets in Italy, the last of which is flown on the night of December 11-12. The series of raids consists of night attacks on Genoa, Milan, and Turin and one daylight raid against Turin. Dispatching 1,752 sorties against Italian targets, it loses only 31 bombers (1.8 percent). During the same period, Bomber Command flies only five major night attacks against Germany. - 22nd October 1942