Maintenance Organization

Our Approved Maintenance Organization is ready to cater to all the needs of your aircraft.

Our staff has extensive experience on a wide variety of aircraft including single piston, multi turbine, seaplane, amphibious gear.

We are approved for Aircraft Structures and Tubular Welding by Transport Canada.

We are located by the Fraser River, our beaching gear is able to lift up to Otter sized aircraft to and from the water.

Our services include:

  • Inspections (scheduled, annual, pre-purchase,…)

  • Installations (406 ELT, ballistic recovery parachute, avionics…)

  • Gear conversions (landplane, seaplane, taildragger,…)

  • Repairs

  • Aircraft import

Call us at 604-465-3538 for details or email for a swift response.

Enquiries for maintenance only. Please direct flight training related enquiries to