Masa Tsujino - Chief Flight Instructor, Class 1 Flight Instructor, Pilot Examiner

With over 4,500 hours of teaching experience, Masa is our most senior flight instructor. A former mountain guide in Switzerland, now the father of a little boy and a commercial pilot with a seaplane rating, his experience with a wide range of students makes him a mentor to our less experienced instructors. He excels at asking the right questions and using the right words to help students improve their performance. Born in Japan, he is able to help ESL students from that country throughout their training while improving their English.


Arnaud Sandoval – Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, Class 2 Flight Instructor, AEI, ROC-A Examiner

Arnaud began his journey in aviation in France in 1998 where he attained his Private Pilots License.  In 2005, while flying on the side, he started working as a Software Engineer.  In 2007, Arnaud started teaching Computer Programming Languages at the Universite de Lorraine.  He later decided to combine his passions of flying and teaching; he moved to Canada and attained his Commercial License, and his Instructor Rating with the guidance of our CFI, Masafumi.  Arnaud has over 3000 hours of flying experience and brings to the school a friendly and professional attitude.



Chen Kou - Class 3 Flight Instructor




Michael Cowman - Class 4 Flight Instructor


Suji Seo - Class 4 Flight Instructor

Suji started her aviation journey encountering private pilot farmers while exploring Canada in Saskatchewan. That fateful day changed the course of her life igniting a passion unbeknown to her. Since that day, Suji formulated a plan and obtain her required licenses while working full-time at a restaurant. She now is a flight instructor and motivated to share her journey in hopes of inspiring others to take on their dream of flight through YouTube under the name of Flywithsuji. Suji’s ambition is to fly different types of airplanes and inspire others to chase their goals and dreams. She is a multi-engine, IFR, commercial instructor rated pilot passionate about flying and filming.


Jeff Chou - Class 4 Flight Instructor


Chih-yu Wu - Class 4 Flight Instructor




Anthony Kokai-Kuun - Air Taxi Operations Manager, Chief Pilot

Anthony has a BSc. in Geological Sciences from the University of British Columbia and is an Airline Transport Rated pilot and a Class 1 Flight Instructor.      In 1989 he was hired as a full time Flight Instructor and advanced from a Class IV to a Class I flight instructor in one year.  Subsequently Anthony worked for a further year as a flight instructor before moving to Quebec to advance his career as a charter pilot flying Piper Aztecs and Navajos and then Beechcraft King Airs. In 1994, Anthony founded his own aircraft charter company, North Vancouver Airlines Ltd.  North Vancouver Air grew from an airline with 2 six passenger Navajos in the first year to 11 six to nineteen passenger planes (Navajos, King Airs and Jetstream 31s) in the seventh year of operations.  North Vancouver Air continued in business until 2005 and was profitable 8 out of the 11 years it was in business.  In 1998 Anthony was hired by Air Transat and was thus running North Vancouver Air and flying full time for Air Transat on the Lockheed L1011.  At Air Transat Anthony flew the L1011 and the Airbus A330 as First Officer and advanced to Captain on the Airbus A310.  After two years as Captain on the A310 Anthony was awarded a Captain’s position on the A330, and recently joined the Dual Qualified program and now Captains the A330 in the summer and the Boeing 737 in the winter.        Anthony joined Pacific Rim Aviation Academy in 2015 to manage the Air Taxi division (CARs 702/703 operations).  He was appointed Operations Manager and Chief Pilot and was accepted by Transport Canada to fill both rolls.  Anthony’s task is to help PRAA expand it’s Air Taxi operations into larger and more complex aircraft that will be capable of all weather operations, all the while keeping safety as our primary goal.  Anthony brings over 30 years, 17,000 hours of flying experience, and 15 years of airline management experience to PRAA.




Chris Kent - Person Responsible of Maintenance, AME


Edmond - Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Maintenance Coordinator


Kelvin Kozsan - AME, ACA


Chris Bracker - AME




Moe El-Kara - Dispatcher/Ramp Agent


Sergio Navarro - Dispatcher/Ramp Agent