Mountain Checkride

With the Pacific range of the Coastal Mountains minutes to our North, a Mountain Checkride is a great way to take advantage of the beauty of BC flying.

Besides providing spectacular views and some fun flying, the mountain checkride is an opportunity to learn about mountain waves, valley flying, and how to make safe decisions in a mountain environment. We’ll show you how density altitude affects your aircraft’s performance and how to safely arrive and depart an airport surrounded by rising terrain.

During the two-hour mountain flying ground school you’ll learn how to plan a safe trip into the mountains and learn about mountain weather and weather decisions, mountain navigation planning, survival gear, and mountain operations. After completing your ground training and planning your trip, we will head to the aircraft and apply what you’ve learned to make you a confident and careful mountain flyer.

Our routing takes you over Stave Lake and past Mount Judge Howay, through the Stave and Sloquet river valleys to Tipella at the North end ofthe glacier-blue Harrison Lake. You’ll fly past the glaciers and lakes of Garibaldi Provincial Park and over Whistler and Cheakamus River to Squamish.